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Icon Meme

As you know, I love my icons ... and in the past I have played this icon meme, but I decided to play again as red_satin_doll is a newer friend, so she was playing ... and I decided to play again.

For those who have forgotten the rules ....
Comment on this post with CONVERSE. I will choose seven (five if you prefer) userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

These are the icons she chose -

1) I'll count the Cary Grant series as one: Shenanigans, Gagged, Embarrased
2) Writing!
3) Tea + Hope (I may be American but that's my motto too);
4) Buffy with sword
5) Flashing Lights with My Name
6) With DJ
7) Servelan

1) I'll count the Cary Grant series as one: Shenanigans, Gagged, Embarrased

I adore Cary Grant films (my second favourite actor!) ... a friend of mine, act3scene1   made these for me.  As an actor he throws everything into the role, and has a really expressive face.  These 3 icons are used for their specific reasons.

2) Writing!

As many of you know I was told at school that I was no good at writing, and until I discover BtVS, and upset at the ending in such a way that I started scribbling ... and found my way to LJ.  Now I do write BtVS stories (in fact wrote one last week) ... but the icon says it all.  I start them, and procrastination takes over! yappichick made this, and I saw it on a general icon sharing site.

3) Tea + Hope (I may be American but that's my motto too)

This was made by my great friend jaded_jamie ... he comes from North England, and there they drink more tea than I do.  I love tea - in fact I am sure I am addicted to it.  So, with a good cup of tea I am sure I can face anything!

4) Buffy with sword

When I started making icons it was to fill the hours while out of work ... something to add to my CV!  Most of my early icons were of James, and Spike.  But I love the overall story of BtVS, and Buffy is such an amazing strong person.  She normally fights with a stake, so it's nice to see her with a sword.  As someone who has learnt to fence, it is a double use of a great image, and one icon that I am actually happy with.

5) Flashing Lights with My Name

I can't do sparkly stuff!  So this one came up and I took up the offer from tiger_tyger .  I use it when I am answering general statements, that I can't decide what icon to use!

6) With DJ

For those who don't know, DJ is my namesake.  I saw him when he was an hour old ... a suprise foal.  I hadn't long been riding when saw him for the first time.  When my Jaykub died suddenly my friend gave me DJ on permanent loan.  Three years ago I gave up riding when I made my change in career and change of location.  This photo was taken just before my last ride ... and his last ride in the West Country.  He moved to Windsor, and now works for Riding For The Disabled.

7) Servelan

Blakes 7 was a TV series of the late 70's/early 80's ... and still has a cult following.  Servelan is actually the baddie - she spent the 4 series chasing Blake and his team across the universe.  I do use this for "thought" and study.

So, if you want to play, let me know.  Thank you red_satin_doll for the choices.
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