Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Spuffy Icons

I also made icons for my seasonal_spuffy entry.

1.  photo Icon11_zps50964578.jpg   2.  photo Icon10_zpsd4e34978.jpg   3.  photo Icon5_zps17345648.jpg   4.  photo Icon6_zps470ab0cf.jpg

5.  photo Icon1_zps169ffd6f.jpg   6.  photo Icon3_zps1a7290d1.jpg   7.  photo Icon12_zps72c38076.jpg   8.  photo Icon2_zps4801c587.jpg

9.  photo Gif1_zps200987d5.gif  10.  photo Icon15_zpsa5b371ad.jpg  11.  photo b_zps628128fc.jpg  12.  photo Icon14_zpsb250f8a0.jpg

13.  photo Icon13_zps4d882b6b.jpg  14.  photo 7X09NLM1735_zps045fa5d0.jpg  15.  photo Cat5-2_zps3ae9fc1e.png

And some sadder scenes -

16.  photo Icon4_zps2fd02643.jpg  17.  photo Icon7_zpsecb8b5d8.jpg  18.  photo Icon8_zps2be34baa.jpg  19.  photo Icon9_zpsb8b7962e.jpg

As ever all are snaggable - credit would be appreciated.
Tags: icons, spuffy

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