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England - Cambridgeshire

Another week ... Another County!

Alphabettically we have now arrived at "C" ... Cambridgeshire  (Pronounced Caim-bridge-sheer)

The County town of Cambridgeshire is


In England there are 2 main university towns - and those have an annual boat race on The Thames ... which is the only sport I follow!  I support Cambridge, as opposed to Oxford!

Hobson Street in Cambridge is named after a 16th century Mayor of the city.  He was a carrier and hired out his horses in strict rotation ... A customer could choose any horse, providing it was the one standing closest to the stable door ... Hobson's Choice!

The Great Court at Trinity College is the largest enclosed courtyard in Britain - measuring 340ft(104m) by 288ft(88m).  A famous tradition is for under-graduates to try and run round the court in the time it takes the big clock on the north side to strike 12.  This was immortalised in the film "Chariots of Fire"

England's only non-Royal Head of State, Oliver Cromwell, lies in an un-marked grave in the chapel of Sidney Sussex College.  When he had died he had been buried in Westminster Abbey, but at the Restoration he was disinterred and his body buried here ... with his head placed on a pole in London, where it was left for 20 years.  The head was finally re-united with the body in ... 1970!!

The oldest building in Cambridge is St Benedicts church, which has a Saxon Tower.   It was also the tower that was first used for Change Ringing (of the bells).

The most famous building in Cambridge is that of The Chapel of Kings College -

it, like a lot of the university buildings lie on the banks of the river - which is very popular for punting along.


Grantchester, which is near Cambridge, has gained immortality by Rupert Brooke (1887 - 1915).  He stayed here, in The Old Vicarage, while he was at the university.  At the present date, Jeffrey Archer now lives here.


The town of Ely, named after the eels found in the waters of the Fens, is dominated by the vast cathedral, which was begun in the 11th century.  The original site was started in 673 A.D., by Queen Etheldreda as a monestery.  The main thing of this cathedral is the Octagon - which is the only Gothic Dome in the world.


On 11/10/1216 King John set out from Kings Lynn, Norfolk with his treasures.  He attempted to cross the broad estuary to evade the locals who were annoyed with the taxes he had just taken.  The carts, being heavy, sank into the mud.  The King swam to avoid drowning, although he died a week later ... but everything else was lost - Including The Crown Jewels.


In 1553 Mary Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII was on his way to visit her brother Edward Vi, only to realise that Lady Jane Grey had just been proclaimed Queen.  Mary Tudor changed course and headed for Sawston Hall.  The Duke of Northumberland found out where she was hiding and tried to capture her.  She escaped and the house was burnt to the ground; but in thanks, Queen (as she became within the 8 days) Mary built a new house -


This Church contains the second oldest Brass in Britain - dedicated to Sir Roger de Trumpington who went on The Crusades with Edward I.


The windmill in Bourn is the oldest surviving windmill in Britain.


This is the largest house in Cambridgeshire.  It's last private owner was Elsie Bambridge - the daughter of Rudyard Kipling.


This is one place that wasn't in the book I have been working through.  It is where one of the American War Cemeteries are.  It is a place of peace and tranquility (but there again I do like visiting War Cemeteries!).  Sadly there are numerous graves - although many have been taken home.  This part of Britain had many American Aerodromes during World War II.  Along the wall of Remembrance, there is one name that most people should recognise - Major A. G. Miller (Glenn Miller)


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