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Holiday October 2013 - The Natural History & The V&A Museums

As ever a busy weekend at Mum & Dad's ... but I realise that I haven't put the last set of photos from my London trip up ... so, here goes!

On the Thursday late morning I headed towards The Natural History Museum ... I haven't been there for years.

I have always loved the film "One of our Dinosaurs is Missing" ... well, as you can see, this one is still here!
 photo DSC_0426_zps9babaddd.jpg

Whatever I thought about my actual visit you have to admit that the building is truly stunning.
 photo DSC_0420_zpsfd4bacd5.jpg

Does Harry Dresden know that Sue is here!
 photo DSC_0400_zpsc7dc7a50.jpg

 photo DSC_0393_zpsdd3a2c3e.jpg
 photo DSC_03881_zpsf7fce779.jpg

I was born in Ilford ...
 photo DSC_0380_zps60082055.jpg

Sadly, not my favourite of museums ... but I will go back, to really explore it. So I went next-door to my favourite museum ...
A music box!
 photo DSC_0488_zps298eec3a.jpg

They have some new plaster casts of effigies ... I have never seen one like this with the knight having his legs crossed.
 photo DSC_0481_zps1c85e449.jpg

 photo DSC_0462_zps8ce0369d.jpg

 photo DSC_0457_zps64e86596.jpg

What a vest!
 photo DSC_0454_zpsab299bc7.jpg

See, I was there
 photo DSC_0437_zpse3d149b0.jpg

There are more photos here ... yes, I do love the V&A

So that's my trip to London finished ... and already waiting for the next trip!
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