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Holiday October 2013 - The Wallace Collection

Some months ago curiouswombat  entioned she had been to The Wallace Collection. I had never heard of it - so looked further and found where .... and what it was about -

A free national museum, displaying superb works of art in an historic London town house. The collection was acquired principally in the 19thC by the 3rd & 4th Marquesses of Hertford & Sir Richard Wallace, the illegitimate son of the 4th Marquess. The 28 rooms, many recently refurbished with elaborate gilding & wall silks, present collections of French 18thC painting, furniture and porcelain (many once owned by Madame de Pompadour & Queen Marie-Antoinette) together with paintings by Titian, Canaletto, Rembrandt and Gainsborough, Hals' 'The Laughing Cavalier' & Fragonard's 'The Swing', 4 armouries and wonderful Renaissance treasures.

So, I decided to visit, and like her, I will say to anyone that's in London ... go ... you won't regret it.

Love the colour ... but the wallpaper seemed a bit busy for that large a room!
 photo DSC_0361_zps4a1c834a.jpg
I wanted to bring this whole room home as a souveneir!!!
 photo DSC_0359_zps385de69f.jpg
The Laughing Cavalier ... it just seemed in a weird place!
 photo DSC_0356_zpsb584f0bc.jpg
I do love Canaletto's
 photo DSC_0344_zps64a9a78d.jpg
This is the oldest full set of horse armour anywhere.
 photo DSC_0338_zps94a7470e.jpg

 photo DSC_0329_zps640c63b9.jpg

 photo DSC_0324_zpsd3856968.jpg
I love this cabinet
 photo DSC_0322_zps0848c3b3.jpg
And, finally, the house itself!
 photo DSC_0317_zps280fe4d2.jpg

There are loads more pictures here

The official website is here
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