Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

2013 ... 31 Day Blog ... Day 15

Day 1 - A Picture Of Myself.
Day 2 - 20 Facts About Myself.
Day 3 - Favourite Quote.
Day 4 - What Are You Afraid oF.
Day 5 - 10 Favourite Songs.
Day 6 - Your Five Senses Right Now.
Day 7 - Your Pet Hates.
Day 8 - What's In Your Handbag.
Day 9 - What's Your Worst Habits.
Day 10 - What's Your Best Physical Feature.
Day 11 - List 15 Of Your Favourite Things.
Day 12 - What's In Your Fridge.
Day 13 - What Is Your Earliest Memory.
Day 14 - If You Won The Lottery.

Day 15 - Timeline Of Your Day

Hard to say as it depends if I'm working ... or on a Sunday at Church. Anyway ...

Alarm clock-radio = 7 am (8 on Sundays)  Then it's my pills, a pint of water, wash/shower and up ... by 8am. Then breakfast while reading the Bible/praying.

Work (if there) is usually a 9am start, which means I live home 10 minutes before that ... with the sandwiches that I made while getting breakfast.

Lunch is at 12.30 - 1.30 ... depending on shift. Sarnies if at work, cooked if at home.

Teatime is 6 - 7pm.

Then it's DVD/computer time .... until up to bed somewhere between 10 and 11 ... then read for at least 30 minutes.
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