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Enjoying the sunshine

It was a lovely day for a ride today - We went with Toni and Junior - walk/trot down the road as far as the Church and then through yet another wooded valley to where we could pick up a canter track that we had been on before.

I am beginning to learn my way around this new area- but geography isn't my best subject - so I hope DJ is taking notes!!

When we got back - I gave DJ a "sponge-bath" on his undercarriage ... with cold water!!! Toni hopes to be able to clip off some of his winter coat tomorrow - and if she has time he needs to be clean. Don't know whether he was happy having his "bits and pieces" sponged with cold water, but unlike most young boys he does love having his face washed - especially the bit behind his ears ... Just to prove how mad he really is!
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