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Holiday October 2013 - Hampton Court Palace (1)

As you can see by my previous entries I have walked a lot ... and done things that were free.  Well on the Wednesday I did one of those ... but I also payed an entrance fee.

I went to Hampton Court Palace.

It was originally built for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, a favourite of King Henry VIII, circa 1514; in 1529, as Wolsey fell from favour, the palace was passed to the King, who enlarged it. He adapted it, and his wedding service to Catherine Parr actually took place there.

It was later adapted and extended during the rule of William & Mary.

Apart from the Palace itself and its gardens, other points of interest for visitors include the celebrated maze, the historic real tennis court and the huge grape vine, claimed to be the largest in the world.

I had been there first when I was a young teen, then again when Annemarie visited (when I was 18) and then the last time in 1986, when friends were over from France. I remembered getting lost in the maze, seeing the tennis court and one painted ceiling. So I was definitely due a re-visit ... and can say I thoroughly enjoyed the day trip.

Jedward is a very scary sight to be met with! They were there filming a documentary ... that in itself seemed wrong!
 photo DSC_0198_zpsd9585910.jpg

There were also some staff who were dressed as Queen Elizabeth I and a few courtiers who were doing an ongoing drama to talk about the people of history, for the many school groups who were there.
 photo DSC_0186_zpse25e499c.jpg

 photo DSC_0182_zpsb9dc7e67.jpg

And so to the tour, proper .... There will be a couple of entries (I warn you now!)

This is a reproduction "water" fountain ... in King Henry's day it  dispensed wine!!
 photo DSC_0178_zps4b096146.jpg

Tudor chimneys - showing the money involved in keeping the building heated.
 photo DSC_0175_zps1134743e.jpg

 photo DSC_0174_zps818ca4ed.jpg

 photo DSC_0172_zpsb331109d.jpg

 photo DSC_0169_zps99333e96.jpg

 photo DSC_0168_zpsfa0f6fec.jpg

 photo DSC_0167_zps3c2e0a94.jpg

The Palace is on the edge of the River Thames.
 photo DSC_0166_zpsc7931538.jpg

The official website
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