Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

2013 ... 31 Day Blog ... Day 11

Day 1 - A Picture Of Myself.
Day 2 - 20 Facts About Myself.
Day 3 - Favourite Quote.
Day 4 - What Are You Afraid oF.
Day 5 - 10 Favourite Songs.
Day 6 - Your Five Senses Right Now.
Day 7 - Your Pet Hates.
Day 8 - What's In Your Handbag.
Day 9 - What's Your Worst Habits.
Day 10 - What's Your Best Physical Feature.

Day 11 - List 15 Of Your Favourite Things

Not in any special order -

  1. Jiffy!

  2. Family.

  3. The Bible.

  4. Travel and sight-seeing.

  5. Photography.

  6. Spuffy fan-fic ... and my Kindle.

  7. Icon making.

  8. Jewellery - one thing I don't like at work is that I can't wear any!

  9. Nail varnish - the only make-up I wear ... and again, I can't wear to work.

  10. A few TV series that I watch and re-watch ... Star Trek Voyager, Blakes 7, Stargate SG1. etc

  11. History ... not that I ever remember any of the facts I read or learn on trips.

  12. Tea - it has to be strong, but with a reasonable amount of (full fat) milk.

  13. Toffees, jelly sweets, etc ... in other words sweets in general (just don't tell my dentist)

  14. LJ!

  15. And ... last but not least - James!

Tags: meme, personal

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