Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Will Catch Up

... As the day progresses.

No work today - not my choice, just no shift.  Annoying with Christmas coming up, but it means I get the whole week off, so that is a positive!

Yay - I am doing one of my mini-breaks to London tomorrow (coming back Thursday evening).  I really just wish that it was due to my original excuses to get away to the city ... (humming "Meet me in London City) ... but there again, it is good to know that James play has been extended so he is busy there.

As ever my weekend was busy ... including having to re-organise my own bedroom.  Mum is actually doing some sorting and cleaning, but then decided that the cabinet she was "throwing out" would fit into my room!  LOL  So, with moving everything I got it to fit.

I also did some general cleaning and mowed the lawn, as well as taking Jiffy for his couple of extra walks.

Sunday saw me doing a(nother) final edit on the book for Dad ... it is now in actual book form, but in doing so there were some problems ... so hopefully that is the final edit needed.

Well today I will catch up as the day progresses ... if I missed anything vital over the weekend, then point me that way please.

Happy Monday everyone.

They have just text me from work - so I have shift later on.

Tags: london, personal, rl, weekend

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