Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Catching Up

As I have just said in my 31 day meme, procrastination is a fault of mine.

Wow - seems days since I was last here, so now this is my 3rd update within the hour!!

I have made an entry for both memes I am doing - so well done me!

I have signed up for seasonal_spuffy ... and it's back on LJ, so I am happy.  I will admit I never got organised over the last couple of sessions as it was on DW ... so now I have to just get some ideas as to what to do.  It will definitely be some icons, but I would love to get a fic done.  I have 2 fics I am working on ... and must get back to them.  See, I told you that procrastination-is-me!

The orchestra concert went well - so was pleased with that.  Whether I will still be needed again in March, I don't know.  For my sake, I hope so ... but for the orchestra's sake I hope they find another clarinettist.

I had this afternoon off, so have done a bit of cleaning, as my best friend (& hubby) are popping in later.  Toni wants some (osteopathic) treatment ... and a chat, so I am also cooking them a meal.  I saw them on Saturday and we have promised each other we will meet up more often.  It's amazing how quick the weeks go, yet we miss seeing each other.

Hope that you are all keeping well ... will try and keep in touch better ... I promise.
Tags: orchestra, personal, spuffy, toni

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