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My Work!

Over the last couple of weeks I said I had been decorating my office - well, it was only part of where I work - the treatment room itself didn't get touched.

As an osteopath we all work in different styles of surgeries.  And although I have a great icon of a topless Spike - let me assure you that I never get patients that gorgeous!!

Mine is also my dining room and the style is very similar to the rest of the house - assorted pictures,  ornaments, etc.  Anyway - OI took a couple of pictures so you can see both my style of "muddle" that I live in ... actually it looks tidy (the only room in the house that is) ... but also you can see where I work.

The computer wasn't turned on - so you can't glimpse my marvellous wallpaper that beanbeansmade me!

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