Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

What A Week ... So Far!


I suppose that because I am rarely able to get time to LJ over the weekends I miss quite a few of you.  Then with a hectic few days, I miss a few more.  So hope you have all been having fun in my absence!

Monday was busy as I left work at 5 and was back out the house within 1/2 hour of entering ... to drive to Bude (75mins+ away) for an orchestra rehearsal  I am pleased I went as it was good to be back, and nice to know my overall practice is paying off (even if I have been naughty and haven't done any more over the last 2 days!)

Then Tuesday was as busy, but a shorter drive as it was Bible Study night ... so good to get to that this week.

Today I have been busy this evening after work ... making apple muffins (a new recipe!), ironing ... and now I am here trying to catch up.

Hope all is going well with you.
Tags: personal

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