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2013 ... 31 Day Blog ... Day 2

I started the 31 day blog and posted the first entry ... a picture of myself ... and then haven't got any further. So, here is Day 2 -

20 Facts About Myself

I am sure you could probably fill in the facts quicker than I can!

  1. I am single ... and live alone.  My weekends are spent at my parents house.  I am (and have always been) very close to them.

  2. I am a James Marsters fan (did you know that!)

  3. My life is governed by my faith in God ... I believe 100% in the Bible.  My life is my faith - my faith is me.

  4. I am a member of the Plymouth Brethren - very staid ... with women keeping silent in the services.

  5. I failed my A levels (at 18) but was offered a place on my college course anyhow - and studied for 4 years to become an osteopath.  I then worked in that profession until I was 49.

  6. I play a clarinet in a classical orchestra.  I play a sax for fun (although have also played it in orchestra) ... I am self-taught, yet play to a fairly high amateur standard.

  7. My favourite classical composer is Beethoven.

  8. I love music of the 20's - 40's as well as the 60's.  Cole Porter's music is a real favourite.

  9. I almost had an accident in my (2nd) driving test ... but past 3rd time on a Friday 13th.

  10. I am accident prone - always have been, with a real penchant for falling down stairs ... the first time being when I was 2, the last time being about a month ago!

  11. I am basically ambidextrous.  I right with my right hand, but when I was an osteopath I worked left-handed. I have learnt Judo (left handed), Archery (bilaterally) and fencing (where I found it easier to have lessons right-handed, but to fight left handed).

  12. Although I can swim well (breast stroke) I am scared of water - can't get my face wet at all, after being pushed in a pool as a non-swimmer by a teacher.

  13. I only started riding at 34 and Mum bought me Jaykub when I was 41.  I was 49 when I last rode, but want to again one day.  (Thank you Jaykub & DJ)

  14. I am a loner - was bullied at school.  But have learnt to be happy alone.  Although I suspect I also find it easier to be alone than risk being let down by someone.

  15. I said I am single ... true, but what is the real truth is that I have never had a boyfriend.  Maybe, now, if my dream-man turned up I would be too scared!

  16. I love history - sightseeing is a real love of mine.  Holidays are always a busy time for me!

  17. I hate cycling, always have done, even before I was run over!

  18. I have 2 baby brothers ... both of whom are married, and I was bridesmaid at both weddings.

  19. I don't have a TV - I have an ancient telly so I can watch DVDs.

  20. And, last but not least - I am incredibly loyal to those I love.

So, I suppose you knew all those facts - as I am usually quite open when I ramble.

On a side note, I mentioned my 2 brother's weddings ... well, 24 years ago today I was Maid of Honour (my first bridesmaid job) in Detroit.  Must write an email to them!

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