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2013 ... 31 Day Blog ... Day 1

The marvellous lupina78 found a great new meme to do, so being the sheep that I am I just had to snag -

 photo 17369_900_zps4e442e40.png

Day 1 - Introduction & a recent photo.

Come on, I'm sure you all know me!  Anyway ... here's a mini intro :-

  • 52 year old ex-osteopath, now auxilliary nurse.

  • Single - lives alone, but with my parents (& Jiffy) at weekends.

  • Love my family, God ... and James Marsters!

I have posted a few pics of me over the last few weeks on my day-trips.  However, this wasn't one.  Christine took this at Sherborne Castle on the eat that is reputed to be the one that Sir Walter Raleigh was on when his servant thought he was on fire and threw beer over him ... he was smoking, a new thing for England.

 photo DSC_0610_zps4c47ff02.jpg
Tags: camera, meme, personal

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