Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

A Mini Ramble

... Well the last 4 days at walk has not been mini rambles, but seem to have walked miles!

Actually just wanted to scribble something ... as I promised myself (and you).

I have just re-watched Sleeping Beauty over the last couple of evenings, and realised it is years since I have seen it ... actually while a teen was the last time (and that is years ago!!) .  I loved it and it gave me 2 real thoughts -

  • The pink/blue bit makes me smile as Mum & Dad went with their best friends to watch it not long after Mum found out she was pregnant with me ... and was teased about the boy/girl colours!

  • I loved the horse!  Whoever did his animation had obviously spent time around horses!  He was great.

As I said work has been busy - all clinic and a lot of walking - especially today as I was on a leukemia day-treatment clinic.  So collecting chemos and blood ... so does that mean I can have some chocolate now?  One thing that struck me was that the age range was 18 - 96 ... and yet all were positive.  So good to see they focussing on the future.

And here's something to finish with ... although must say, Jiffy has been a good boy with furniture, although he does adopt some of our teddies to add to his family of toys!!

 photo 942684_10151497192957617_1889910087_n_zps1d5a9411.jpg
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