Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

100 Meme - Catch-Up

Here I am at long last, half way through my meme. I daren't look at when I started this list! So, here is a catch-up ...

1 - 10 ... Some of my overall favourites.
11 - 20 ... Cary Grant films.
21 - 30 ... Old, obscure films!
31 - 40 ... More recent (for me, anyway) films

Danny Kaye -
41 - Up in Arms
42 - A Song is Born
43 - Wonder Man
44 - The Court Jester
45 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
46 - Merry Andrew
Will Hay -
47 - Ask a Policeman
48 - The Goose Steps Out
49 - Boys will be Boys
And -
50 - Batman (1966)

The next set of films will be some of my favourite musicals, although I have already listed a couple of them in previous links!

Tags: 100 meme

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