Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Bank Holiday Yesterday

.... And although it was busy in the morning, it was productive ... managed to finish Dad's section of his book-edit, I now just have to go through it all and check all the Bible references are correct.

After lunch I took Mum & Dad ... and Jiffy down for a walk along the harbour  ... and an ice-cream, of course.  It was so unusual to actually get sunshine on a Bank Holiday, we just had to take advantage of that fact!

 photo DSC_0659_zps81c62f8c.jpg

 photo DSC_0656_zpse01780cb.jpg

 photo DSC_0653_zpsff3a9680.jpg

 photo DSC_0650_zps76135dc3.jpg

Painton Zoo is celebrating a big birthday - so Torbay has been invaded by gorillas ... here is one -
 photo DSC_0658_zps280630de.jpg

Tags: camera, jiffy, mum and dad, torquay

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