Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Bank Holiday Weekend

...But no real plans, other than cleaning and housework for Mum & Dad.

Sadly Mum's health hasn't been great recently - with her heart failure increasing ... meaning she has literally no enery.  Then this week she was registered blind ... so emotionally tough.  Dad and I have just been talking, as well, as she really has major memory loss ... Dad finds it hard to deal with (as do I) ... although he has Alzheimer's, she actually has less memory than him, but wont acknowledge the fact.

Still they do well ... considering.  However I think the real reason the cope so well with life is that when I am missing during the week, Jiffy takes over their care ... He always tells me he has had a tough week when I arrive on a Friday ... LOL

OK, enough down thoughts.

Decided to share a health tip, that someone emailed to me -

When you drink Vodka, and ice you get kidney failure.
When you drink Rum, and ice you get liver failure.

When you drink Whiskey, and ice you get heart failure.
When you drink Gin, and ice you get brain problems.

Apparently ice is really bad for you!!!

Tags: housework, mum and dad, rl
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