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A Young Man Sat And Held My Hand Today ...

No - nothing romantic ... not that you should be thinking that my luck was changed (LOL) - 

No - I had some treatment from my physiotherapist - a young man called Josh ... who does happen to be quite cute ... No wonder I was early for the appointment!!

He was really pleased with the amount of mobility that we got back into the "OK" joint of the finger with 15 minutes. 

I now have to maintain that - and in 2 weeks it will be the damaged joint's turn.

The skin is now covering the finger (YAH) - but very thin ... so has to have a special dressing back on for another week.

The one main problem I have to overcome this week is just trying to use the hand normally - 8 weeks (tomorrow) and I am very protective of the hand.  Now I have to learn to relax and move naturally - while the padding is on will (hopefully) give me the confidence I need to just pick up my life again.

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