Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

100 Meme - Film # 48

Another film of Will Hay that I do love is The Goose Steps Out ... although this is definately not "pc". Released in 1942, it is a film meant to cheer the English at the low-point of the war ...

A bumbling teacher (Will Hay) conveniently turns out to be the double of a German general. In the true spirit of wartime propoganda high jinks, he is flown into Germany to impersonate the general and cause chaos and hilarity in a Hitler Youth college (populated by the likes of Peter Ustinov, Charles Hawtrey and Barry Morse)

This is one of the scenes, where Will Hay is trying to steal a key from the General ... to listen to his strategy you have to know that most of the areas are County or River names ... eg ... Notts (Nottinghamshire), Lincs (Lincolnshire), Lancs (Lancashire), Kent, Bucks (Buckinghamshire), Beds (Bedfordshire) and Forth, Severn, Trent (rivers) ... and The Wash (an area on the East Anglia coast), Tyneside & Tees (Teeside) ... areas in the North of England. Not forgetting The Scots/Scotch ... a regular play on words over here of the drink & the country.

Tags: 100 meme, comedy film, war, will hay, you tube

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