Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

No News Is ... No News!

No news really!

I still have some more pictures to post from my trip to Sherborne.  Other than that my weekend has been it's normal busyness of running errands, housework, and playing with Jiffy (he is upset as it's now raining!).

I took Dad to the Dermatologist on Saturday and he got the all-clear on the marks on his face, so that's good news.  I saw a dentist on Friday as I broke another tooth ... the problem of having so many fillings as a teen is now catching up with me again.

I totally forgot the Sunday challenge over at spuffy_haven, so posted some icons I made last year ... they are here if you want to see them.

I also haven't done any Blakes 7 icons for b7friday ... and considering this weeks challenge is Art, that seems a bit worng.

Oh well, maybe I will get time when I get back to my place this evening.

Hope you are all well ... enjoy what is left of the weekend ... and wonder about who the new Dr Who will be!

Tags: dad, dentist, icons, personal

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