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Cadhay Manor 1

When I posted those photos over the weekend of Honiton, I did say that the reason we were there is that we were killing time before our visit to Cadhay Manor. That is a fascinating house, built in Tudor times, renovated in Georgian times and as it had then been allowed to fall somewhat into a poor state, the present owners have done it up and now let the whole house as a Wedding venue.

The rooms are beautiful, with Tudor furniture (that I wanted to take home as souveneirs, Georgian silver (in locked cases!!), and modern furniture made by the present owner ... and a couple of those pieces could easily have slipped home with me!

 photo DSC_0539_zps561cf258.jpg

 photo DSC_0538_zps62042ea5.jpg

The court of the kings ... There are 4 statues ... King Henry VIII, and his 3 children - Edward VII, Mary II and Elizabeth I
 photo DSC_0526_zps225316fe.jpg

 photo DSC_0506_zps4b5daf4e.jpg

 photo DSC_0525_zps711edab6.jpg

One of the new pieces of furniture
 photo DSC_0518_zpsa181da51.jpg

I like a nice Tudor fireplace!
 photo DSC_0510_zpsaf4dcee9.jpg

It was a fun day.

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