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I Am Going Mad(der)

I am trying to give my treatment room a clean and paint the study area, which I can do slowly and as it needs to be done then no work is actually a good thing (well, providing the bills don't arrive too often!)

Anyway - I thought I would put on "Full Moon" so I could listen to James while I work.

Fine - so far, so good.

As I started the job my phone rang and it was Ros asking how I was now.  we chatted for some time.

When I came back my pc was working ... James was talking.

I let his voice wash over me - until I realised that the tracks weren't playing in the correct order.  I got annoyed - glared at the pc, took out the CD, and even re-started the computer.

Then I turned the "shuffle" off!!!!!!!!!
Tags: decorating, james
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