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Happy 100th Birthday Uncle Charles.

Do you remember me going to a 70th wedding Anniversary a few years ago Jan 2009 to be exact?   Well Auntie Blanche (Mum's first cousin died in 2010) but last Saturday we drove back to Barnstaple again to celebrate Uncle Charles 100th birthday ... the even better thing is that he still has all his marbles, in that he lives alone. In fact he learnt a (very weird) poem to recite on the day ... better than I have ever managed to do.)

 photo DSC_0459_zps7b2776b6.jpg

Sadly he had a fall coming home from Church last week (he had actually taken the service) so had damaged his hands, and had a black eye.

It was great to be there, see other cousins ... and hear the worst choir ever. Their music choice was weird (I only knew half of it, and my 3rd cousin who I was sitting with who is in a choir didn't even know all of them!) ... their outfits were nice, but the truly creepy thing was they all had matching necklaces on!

Still the meal was nice, the roads weren't too busy and we enjoyed the day.

 photo DSC_0456_zps497bb210.jpg

Cutting the cake
 photo DSC_0463_zpsbcbce99d.jpg

 photo DSC_0465_zps1bd67e68.jpg

Mum & Dad and the cousins we sat with -
 photo DSC_0471_zps6125377f.jpg

And, finally, the weird choir -
 photo DSC_0461_zpsb1d7f6bd.jpg

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