Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Blakes 7 - Season 3

This set of icons was made for round 34 of season20in20 .... yet more Blakes 7, and this time my favourite season ... #3.

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Red_zpscf05c282.jpg    photo AC5_zpsf53217e4.jpg    photo Cat2_zpsf0d41291.jpg


cuddling dark drink endings hair
 photo Cuddling_zpsea02e0d3.jpg  photo Dark_zpsf30e30dd.jpg  photo Drink_zpsb14a226b.jpg  photo Endings_zpsa411a8b2.jpg  photo Hair_zps6cd5bf7b.jpg
head tilt light mythology red truth
 photo HeadTilt_zpsf4fd19d9.jpg  photo Light_zpse9f86c53.jpg  photo Mythology_zps11256105.jpg  photo Red_zpscf05c282.jpg  photo Truth_zps47824ff3.jpg

Category - the crop factor

Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5
 photo Cat2_zpsf0d41291.jpg  photo Cat1_zpse39d79b8.jpg  photo Cat3_zps26cbe302.jpg  photo Cat5_zpsb12e246e.jpg  photo Cat4_zps81166dcd.jpg

Artist's Choice

AC #1 AC #2 AC #3 AC #4 AC #5
 photo AC5_zpsf53217e4.jpg  photo AC4_zpsc6e01bbe.jpg  photo AC3_zps489d8f49.jpg  photo AC2_zps4626118e.jpg  photo AC1_zps2b763aa4.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable. The credits for the screencaps and textures can be found on my icon journal d4s_icons


Tags: blakes 7, competition, icons
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