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Beautiful Bude!

As I updated this morning I was in Bude on Saturday for an orchestra concert ... and said then that the orchestra was one thing I miss about living in Exeter.  Well, another is the amazing scenery.

Although I have taken loads of photos, and shared many with you, I just had to share some more.  My friend Grace from my Bible Study group asked me recently if I had taken many photos, and I had to admit the answer was no ... so, here are loads of pics of beautiful Bude ... and so you will know what I mean about the stunning scenery.

The Atlantic Ocean
 photo DSC_0449_zps3af8b30d.jpg

 photo DSC_0447_zpsba33eb76.jpg

Whale Rock - a natural volcanic feature
 photo DSC_0446_zpsee79bf2b.jpg

 photo DSC_0444_zpsce89ddd6.jpg

The shelters mid image are what the Fry (of chocolate and Quaker fame) built for their ladies to sit in protected from the sun
 photo DSC_0442_zps77ae77c3.jpg

The Haven ... protected from The Atlantic by The Breakwater ... a Victorian structure.  We are looking towards the lock gates ... now the only working sea-canal lock gates in Britain.
 photo DSC_0441_zps3d66efdd.jpg

Looking north along the coast - you can just see one of the American satellite dishes in the distance.
 photo DSC_0439_zpsd1c43717.jpg

 photo DSC_0438_zpsf2a3587f.jpg

Whale Rock
 photo DSC_0437_zps15e65bbc.jpg

The Breakwater
 photo DSC_0436_zps6c660f3d.jpg

Summerlease Beach
 photo DSC_0435_zps58592f7a.jpg

 photo DSC_0434_zpsc473cb56.jpg

 photo DSC_0431_zps653c8e7a.jpg

Speaking of pictures makes me realise I am about 3 weeks late with my photo_scavenger pictures, as well.  So I must get more organised!

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