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Busy Weekend - As Ever

Wow, where did the weekend go?

As ever I rushed home to Mum, Dad & Jiffy on Friday after work ... and took them shopping.  I don't go in the shops, so this is my hour-ish space to sit in the car (or this week on a bench in the shade) and read.

Friday evening, is caching up with any editing Dad's book needs and then some artwork.

Saturday arrived .... and I took Jiffy for his normal morning walk, and then headed off to Bude for the day.  I managed to get there in time to collect my contact lenses and new fluids.  I know there are opticians locally, but having had previous bad experiences with them, in that they don't want to cope with the operation scarring on my right eye, I stick with Yi ... she is great.

Then to get a sarnie, and sit by the beach for 1/2 hour ... before heading to rehearsal.   That went pretty well.

After that I went for a half hour walk (photos to follow) ... and then met Toni ... the 2 things I miss about Bude are the orchestra and Toni ... she and I have been through some good and bad times.  She updated me on DJ ... he has now been "talent spotted" and works for "Riding for the Disabled" in the Windsor area.  As she said, he had good training with me!!!!

Then to the concert .... which went well, despite poor audience numbers.  Nice weather mans BBQs, not sitting in a Church listening to a Chamber orchestra.  Mozart, Haydn, Handle, ... etc.  Not my favourite music, either.  ut it was great being there - even though I ended up with a blister on my lip, and my damaged finger really complaining.

I got back to Torquay soon after 11pm.

Sunday was a normal Sunday - Church with Dad, then after lunch I did the crossword with Mum (I read out the clues, and she answers), while Dad snoozed.  Then we did some more editing of his book ... just about in the finishing stages now.  Then I took Jiffy for a walk, and had tea before heading back here.

Hope you all had a good weekend ... have a fun week.

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