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I Haven't Fallen Off The Planet


The last few days have shot past - no real excuse, just hectic, hectic, hectic.

A weekend at Mum & Dad's seemed busier than normal - more errands to run, as well as the normal gardening and housework ... as well as giving them both haircuts (a recent new thing I have had to learn!) and perming Mum's hair.

Then backt o Exeter - and yesterday I just had to go shopping in the evening as I was running out of food ... and guess what, I forgot to buy the essential item on my list ... T-bags. I have Bible Study tonight, so must get them on the way home.

I have missed a few birthdays ... Sorry. bubblesandlace and desdemonaspace  .. I had hoped to get on the computer to post to you, but just never found time. Sorry.

I will (yet again) promise to be better at being organised ... until then let me leave you with this amazing video ....

The Piano Puppet

It was hard to remember that wasn't a puppet!
Tags: birthday, mum and dad, rl, you tube
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