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Birthday Thanks

Well I had a fun day yesterday ... and I just want to say Thank You so much for all who left messages, especially over here on LJ ... as FB still annoys me.

However, for those who missed my thanks yesterday I have already said a special thanks to 3 wonderful people ... jaded_jamie for my video ... here if you missed it and for comlodge  or her picture of my dream day, and kudagirl for a drabble and a James picture ... both of which are here, if you missed them

Anyway - thank you to those special people ... but also to spikereader for her lovely card, and pfeifferpack for her e-card.

I had cakes from laimelady petzipellepingo and oldgreymare (via FB) .... yumimum  gave me a lovely Spike picture ... and I had greetings from ayinhara cordykitten downunderdeb edenskye enigmaticblues and strikske ... as well as PMs from crimson_newmoon larabeckinsale and teragramm

Over the time I also had comment-messages from diebirchenelisifudgepicklessarian71 and kazzy_cee.

Even though I don't like FB it was great to hear from friends ...especially those no longer on LJ .... such as aa_eve_aa auntierocal_turner cryssiemarstersdeborahw37 hexebusterjaxon mad_brilliant_ oldgreymarespikereaderukchrisp and xheartrockx

I just hope I haven't missed anyone out - Thank you all so much.

Group hugs

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