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My Birthday - Scribble #1

Thank you so much ... I have had a lovely birthday ... and have been well cared for, as well as it being quite a mellow few days. The only real downside has been to see that Dad's Alzheimer's has been quite a bit worse over the last couple of weeks. He had been on medication since he was diagnosed, but sadly they seem to not be helping him at present ... so it is hard to see him beginning to lose track of himself so easily. However overall both Mum & Dad are doing well, so I am thankful that as I celebrate my 52nd birthday they were able to spend it with me.

Tim & Claire cam on Friday evening ... it was good to see them. Claire did tea, so it was nice not to have to worry about it ... or know that Mum had to either.

On Saturday M&D took me out shopping. With Mum's loss of sight she didn't want to do the shopping, and Dad daren't commit himself ... as I had asked for clothes! So they bought me a couple of tops and a skirt and jeans ... very nice.

On Sunday I got to chose the film we watched ... and decided on a "documentary" ... well, maybe that wasn't the technical name (!!!!) ... Carry on Up the Khyber! If you have never seen it, then the meal scene at the end is one of the funniest ever - Here it is, missing the first bit .....

Then today just a lazy day - I took Jiffy for a walk, and Mum made my favourite dinner ... Toad in the Hole (yummy). After dinner we went for a slow walk, before tea and then back to Exeter.

Thank you everyone for all my greetings ... more to follow in another post ... but just had to share this brilliant Birthday Greeting from jaded_jamie .... Thank you so, so much

What a great way to celebrate my birthday!

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