Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Season 2 Continues ....

Some Assembly Required is yet another episode I didn't remember with fondness.  However now it's watched I can move on with the serious viewing ... yay, Spike is on his way.

But before that I must ponder what I saw ... I find it weird in the opening scene, that when Buffy falls into an open grave that Angel automatically presumed it was another vampire.  You would think he would know the "rules" ... they don't dig a neat grave ... they have to fight through the earth.

The episode build up of Giles and Miss Calender is great ... embarrassment the world over.  One of the things I love about BtVS is that they make their characters real.  Giles is worried how to ask the girl out ... including rehearsing his speech.

I love early season 2 Willow - so enthusiastic about school ... so positive.   Cordy is great ... still fairly ignorant about what is happening, although she knows more than she wants to, she still has a lot to discover - such as Angel being a vampire.

Of course the whole thought of building a girl to make the boy happy is scary ... Poor Chris, brilliant at science and so able to resurrect his brother, yet ignored by his mother ... and probably at school as well (nerds are never popular, are they?).  The whole thing is macabre, yet when it came down to it, Chris refused to murder someone to complete the process.  I suppose I can see a bit of where he comes from as I love both my brothers ... unconditional love is special, isn't it?

Angel continues his jealous outrage at Buffy dancing with Xander ... saying he is only a boy.  Buffy does point out that she is the same age, but they both push that away as she reassures him that Xander is only a friend.


Not a favourite episode, but I am glad that I am watching in strict order.

Tags: btvs, re-watch btvs, season 2

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