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Just A Small catch-Up

No work today ... don't know why, but I am doing some housework, have sorted out some knitting to start a new top for the winter ... and catching up with all sorts of bits and pieces.

No real news - didn't work yesterday either (3 days off this week) ... but I took Mum to her Low Vision Centre to get her magnifiers sorted out.  She has 3 of them on permanent loan, and one had to be made stronger.  They are great, and it was 2 years ago that she first went, in denial, whereas now she is slowly accepting that she has lost 85% of her vision.  However we all remember that miracles do happen ... so maybe one day I shall be typing that I took the magnifiers back.

Yesterday I heard that I am again wanted for Bude Orchestra ... it is good to be doing that.  Even though I did look around here a bit, I never would have felt happy with another conductor ... orchestra had 3 while I was there and I went to band for 8 years ... yet the present conductor is someone I respect as a person, as well as a musician .. and that really helps an amateur like me.  This coming concert is a charity one, and runs every other year ... the organiser was Maggie (who you may remember died a couple of years ago of cancer) ... so it is good that it went ahead.  She has set up a lasting legacy.

Well that's me as of today!

Hope you are all busy ... and behaving yourselves ... but also managing to have fun.

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