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A Couple Of General Rambles!!

Just wanted to say - I really loved Torchwood last night.  The more I am watching the series, the more I am liking both Tosh and Owen.  In fact I even liked Ianto yesterday, which says a lot!!

So do hope the rest of the series goes as well ... especially with the promise of more Cap'n John at some point!!

On a secondary note - I decided to empty the office bit of my surgery this morning ready to paint - and pulled out the tumble drier ... bad move ... there was a patch of damp (which I did expect because of how that part of the house was built) .... but sadly, about 10 times bigger than i expected.  Oh well - at least I have got started  so that means that it will get done - and by the time I am fully back working the area will be looking good again.
Tags: decorating, torchwood

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