Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

BtVS Icons

All entered with slayerstillness

1.  photo 3X06BC1475_zps9b6304e3.jpg  2.  photo Untitled-16_zpse09ed50e.jpg  3.  photo 3X09WISH1843_zpsb1087616.jpg

4.  photo 3X06BC1371_zps91f67c95.jpg  5.  photo 3X06BC1229_zps9484e428.jpg  6.  photo 4X18WWTA0019_zps82137310.jpg

7.  photo 6X07OMWF0479_zps0ddf7877.jpg  8.  photo 7X17LMPTM0077_zps507ffaa0.jpg  9.  photo 7X17LMPTM0599_zps7b6fc7e0.jpg

10.  photo 4X09SB1111_zps4263b865.jpg 11.  photo 4X09SB1473_zpsbfc6b8d0.jpg

Tags: btvs, buffy, icons, spike

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