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Tuesday Today ... Where Is The Week Going?

I am meant to be having a busy day today  ... so now I shall try and be positive and say that the last hour means I have "played" long enough ... the rest of the day is work!

I actually switched on the computer to look at steam cleaners ... but soon ended up "pottering" though the internet.  Fun, but not the plan for today.

I am not working, my choice.  I know I need the money as the shifts have been random, but most of my actual spare time gets spent sorting out M&Ds house ... so decided to actually spend a day doing mine.

Anyway, I found the cleaner ... now have to get breakfast, shop, and get on with the cleaning.

However, for cat lovers on my list, just had to share this picture I saw on Facebook (yes I did pop in there as well!)


Hope that you all have a fun day ... hope I keep my focus!

Tags: housework, rl
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