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Trying To Be Pro-Active

curiouswombat has suggested that maybe it would be nice to do the write up that we did last month on a monthly basis .... For those who don't know what I mean, clickety-click

So I decided I would try to give it a go, as I have been wanting to re-focus my life ... which means my LJ as well as eveything else. As I said I was doing more icons this month, I have also managed to get my decorating almost finished in my spare room - and will do the final bits when I have typed this. So, all in all, focus is happening ... well at the moment anyway LOL

So, as today is the 13th, that means the 12th was yesterday ... so what happened to fill my day?

I woke with a shock ... normally I wake before my alarm, but I was acyually mid dream ... in that my sis-in-law Claire had taken up bell ringing at her local Church ... Huh!

So, up and with my pint of water I turned on my pc to get my icons posted - Photobucket had been weird the previous night, so wanted to get them done. I was shocked to find it went through first time. So I gat up to date with my f-list from overnight ... and headed downstaires for my normal Quiet Time ... Ezekiel 35 - 37, and prayer .... then breakfast, and sarnie making. Before showering and heading up the road for work.

I had a 9 - 3.30 shift in "Preperation for Surgery", where I was seeing every patient on the list. Each patient had a similar set of tests done by me -
Respiration rate,
Blood Sugar check,
MRSA screen ... in our hospital we do 2 ... nose and throat, although one lady needed perineal as well!
Each patient also had a urine screen, but being colourblind I just had to label their bottle and get one of the sisters to do it later.

I was actually late finishing which is unusual, but the last lady was diagnosed diabetic, so I had to find someone to sort out further tests.

When I got in I through on my painting clothes and finished the last bits of my spare room.

While cooking dinner I did ironing - there always seem to be a pile of uniforms that need doing! After dinner I settled on the computer ... exciting stuff ... car insurance, and car breakdown cover. It's meant to be easy with the internet, but you seem to spend ages filling in things. Still, it's all done now.

Once sorted I unwound by doing some Blakes 7 icons. Not a show many ever knew ... but if you loved it, you still will! While I was doing that I had an episode of Pointless on the iPlayer ... one quiz sho I do quite like.

Then bed ... and some Spuffy fan-fic, of course! Lights out at about 11pm.

So nothing exciting - but a normal day ... that actually went quite well.

OK, lets get my furniture put back in place in the spare room ... and hopefully some time for a few icons before bed!

Happy Thursday everyone.

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