Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Jack O'Neill Icons

As I said I was going to make extra icons this month. So I signed up for round 46 of character20n20  nd chose Jack O'Neill (from Stargate SG1) and when I had the prompts it was a bit of a shock as it was a bit of a special round. PANIC !!!! However I decided it would do me good, as I tend to get a bit lazy otherwise ... So hopefully I have learnt something even if the overall reult is not brilliant!

Anyway, here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Orangeampnegativespace_zps9d1588c8.jpg    photo Cat4-7_zpscae7c8b7.jpg    photo Yellowampprofile_zpsc80b1209.jpg


Red Complex Orange Neg Space Yellow Profile Green Blocking Blue Vibrant
 photo RedampComplex_zps53081f69.jpg  photo Orangeampnegativespace_zps9d1588c8.jpg  photo Yellowampprofile_zpsc80b1209.jpg  photo Greenampblocking_zps432d8960.jpg  photo Blueampvibrant_zpsc4ecd07e.jpg
Purple Center Crop Brown Grunge Peach Side Crop Pink Text Cyan Faceless
 photo Purpleampcentrecrop_zps283a4cd9.jpg  photo Brownampgunge_zps61c4451e.jpg  photo Peachampside-crop_zpsdf430b3c.jpg  photo Pinkamptext_zps36baa667.jpg  photo Cyanampfaceless_zpsa96e5f9e.jpg


one two three four five
 photo Cat1-7_zpsa6eedc1d.jpg  photo Cat2-7_zpsf501bfae.jpg  photo Cat3-7_zpsdc6ecc07.jpg  photo Cat4-7_zpscae7c8b7.jpg  photo Cat5-7_zps3288a2ea.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC1-11_zps896b2321.jpg  photo AC2-11_zps3beeccee.jpg  photo Untitled_zps63668051.jpg  photo AC4-11_zps22d59293.jpg  photo AC5-11_zps65f7410f.jpg

As a side note - I just hope I have the colours correct in the prompts, as I am very colourblind!!  If not, could someone let me know!

As ever, all are snaggable. The credits for the screencaps can be found on my icon journal d4s_icons

Tags: icons, jack o'neill, stargate
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