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Yes, I'm Still Alive .....

Thanks everyone for your love and support - I shall answer when I get time.

I had 36 hours of lost time ... where I really slept and felt terrible.

Yesterday felt better but still not wanting to eat much, and exhausted .. and having to run errands or Mum & Dad!!

Now it's Saturday and I am feeling tired but better.  However being a weekend there is Jiffy to organise, and jobs for M&D to do, so won't really get time to catch up with the past few days ... Sorry.  So, if I missed anythiing important, please point me in that direction.

Right must get Jiffy on his Saturday morning walk ... a new housing estate near him, that I think he imagines he discovered as daddy doesn't take him that way during the week!

Have a fun Saturday ... will catch up with comments later.

Tags: ill, rl
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