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Exeter's Dead ... Well A Few Of Them!

As well as seeing some ancient history I walked through St Bartholomew's Cemetery and saw the outside of the catacombs there. However there were only ever 17 burials in the Catacombs ... lots of empty spaces!

 photo DSC_0319_zps2b6502ea.jpg

 photo DSC_0318_zps59f22bea.jpg

 photo DSC_0317_zps9a9f617f.jpg

The lower (older) half) has been flattened to make it a park, and the tombstones preserved around the outer wall.
 photo DSC_0316_zpsa81ce346.jpg

This is the wall that separated the Anglican from the non-Conformists!!
 photo DSC_0315_zps106ce7b5.jpg

 photo DSC_0314_zpscc6e69a0.jpg

 photo DSC_0313_zps27c91798.jpg

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