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And, So Starts Season 2

... Yes, I have now started season 2 in my BtVS re-watch .... and will admit, I can't wait for Spike to arrive.  However I have 2 episodes before his entry ... and the first is -

When She Was Bad

I love the fact that the opening scene is that of a cemetery, cutting to Xander and Willow playing a film quiz.  It reminds me of how much Sunnydale is "normal" ... but at the same time "spooky".

However I wish Willow would see the truth - Xander is still into Buffy, however much he may flirt with her, he still looks for the un-reachable.  However later when she is "teasing" him on the dance-floor, I don't think he could handle her (even though he always hopes for it to come to reality!!)  I love Giles look at him when Willow is talking in the canteen about the fact that there is something wrong with Buffy because he came onto Xander, and Xander asking why that has to be something wrong!!

It is good to see Buffy's parents relating to each other and their worries about their teenage daughter.  So many families split, but it's nice to know that some families can put their differences behind them to focus on the kids.

Isn't Snyder a great principal ... as Giles said to him, maybe he should have chosen a different profession!  However I suppose it is good to know that there are some "monsters" you can't fight ... and school is one of them.

The first sight we get of Angel this season is more the stalker than the mysterious stranger ... to actually be in Buff's bedroom as she slept ... I wonder how long he had been there?

One thing I am enjoying about this re-watch is seeing the Giles who loved Buffy.  He knows something is wrong with her, even though he is clueless as to what it is, or maybe just how to help her.  This comes to a head when Buffy is given Cordy's bracelet ... and she reminds the others that she "alone" must fight the baddies.  Even as she realises how many others were already involved she tortures a vampire for information (I think the only time you see her do this???)

Buffy does have a hard life, she was chosen for this task, but in having family and friends she does have love and support.  As she finally destroys the Master once and for all she learns that it's OK to accept support and turns into Angel's arms crying.  However at school the next day she wonders how Willow and Xander will feel, but Giles is there to give her support, even if he does finish with the great comment that it's likely she will make even greater mistakes in the future!

However, the final line of the episode is really the winner ... The Annointed One standing in an empty room, with the crushed skeletong states (as all vampires would agree) - "I hate that girl"

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