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Catching Up

Well, LJ have given us more time ... I just wish they would get themselves sorted out so we could just use the site without them having to extend our membership.  Anyway, it's good to get it ... some internet companies go down and just blame the web in general and no compensation.

I went to see my GP this morning as my left knee has been playing up.  I originally injured it fencing about 15 years ago, but last year when I tore the calf muscle it started twinging again.  Over the last few weeks it has been painful a lot.  I think it's a cartilage that's causing the problem, but my GP did say that as I was the age I was I needed an X-ray to rule out arthritis.  That certainly cheered up my morning!  So, that is ordered.

Tomorrow I have more "radiation" as it's mammogram time ... another sign of old age!

I had a pretty lazy day today ... did some decorating in my on-going spare room, and some shopping and ironing.  It was quite nice to be lazy as the weekend had been busy with taking mum to a hearing appointment then after tea I did their weekly shop for them (so they wouldn't miss their soap!) ... then Saturday was gardening, and a bit of cleaning, as well as taking the bags of weeds, grass cuttings etc to the tip.  Sunday meant birthday time for Jiffy (as I posted his video, you saw he had fun) ... and then helping both m&d fill in forms to take to the podiatrist and then reading dad's book to him so he can continue to check and edit.

It is good to be there for them ... and although I could have done with the money today, it was nice to have a "me" day where I could do thinks I wanted to do ... including some baking.

Oh well, I had better get on ... don't want to bore you with my scribbles.

Hope you all had a good weekend ... and survived Monday!

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