Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

May 12th 2013

I said a couple of weeks ago I would do the Mass Observation Day this year ... so, 2 days ago was the day.

Name - Deborah
Age - 51
Occupation - Auxilliary Nurse, R.D.&E. Hospital, Devon
Relationship Status - Single.

Sunday 12th May 2013
This was a fairly typical Sunday in my life.

Sunday is my lie-in day ... I spend weekends at my parents (who are in their late 80's), and on a Sunday morning Dad lets their Westie in to me at 8.15ish in the morning. Jiffy jumps up on the bed and we have a "chat", before I get up to have my breakfast. Starting with a pint of cool water, then a bowl of cereal and a large mug of tea. Then time to get washed and dressed and ready for the rest of the day!.

Dad and I leave the house at 9.35am and drive to the next town where our Church is. We are members of the Plymouth Brethren, and have 2 services on a Sunday morning.

Our first one is a traditional breaking of bread ... and this week -
Chris opened with a Bible reading from Genesis 3, and the hymn "And can it be" (one of my favourites)
Barry P prayed.
Ray gave the hymn "From Heaven You came, helpless Babe"
Derek prayed and gave thanks for the bread, then the wine ... in Brethren the elements are passed around the people in their seats.
Brian closed in prayer.
Then we finished with our notices. (no collection is taken, as there is a basket at the back)

The second service of the day starts at 11am and is a Bible Study this week - Barry K preached on the use of words from the book of Proverbs ... reading especially Prov 1 8-19, 6 1-5 and 7 1-27
After the service we have tea and coffee ... and a chat. I usually hand out the tray of coffee.

Then back home, by which time Mum will be up and have lunch pretty organised. When we arrive is when she puts the veggies on to cook. That gives me a time to give Jiffy his weekly bath.

Lunch this week was lamb, roast potatoes, carrots and cauliflower; followed by jam tart and tea. While we eat pudding I ask Mum the questions on a crossword - she used to do it every day, but is now partially sighted, so I do it for her on a Sunday.

After lunch, Mum has a snooze, while Dad takes Jiffy for a walk and I do the washing up.

After that Mum & Dad have a mug of tea while I take Jiffy for a second walk ... his Sunday treat.

The rest of the afternoon is taken up with chatting etc - although for the last few weeks I have been helping Dad with a final couple of edits of the book he is writing - He is 88 and suffering with Alzheimer's but is managing to do this project, so I am reading it aloud to him to make the final edit easier.

We have tea at about 5.30 ... and this week Mum had made Chelsea Buns ... very tasty!

I don't go to the evening Bible Study as I can spend leisurely time with Mum & Dad before heading back to my place 1/2 hours drive away.

In the evening I sat and watched a film on my DVD player (not having a TV).

And so to bed, the day finished .... ready for the week ahead.

"And Can It Be" is one of my favourite hymns, and one I want for my funeral.

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