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Anyone Who Doesn't Know Why I Love James?

... Well, I suppose none of you fall into that category.

But if you had any doubts as to why I follow his career, then you should watch Warehouse 13 (4:11).  The first time I saw James act it was season 7 Spike, and I still think he stepped off the TV screen and straight into my heart!

Watching him on Warehouse 13 (not a show I know at all), made me remember again what a great, and fun, actor he truly is.  I also loved the fact that he was able to tease one of the characters about his large forehead (Angel, where are you?), and laughed off vampires as the heroes of Gothic stories, and teenage girls dreams.  Add to that, he managed to find yet another brilliant exit ... brilliant writing, brilliant acting ... great fun.

And, if anyone doesn't know what to do with "that" painting, I can find a space on my wall, very easily!

I so wish that he could get his own show ... he so, so deserves it.

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