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Where Did Last Week Go?

I just realised that all week I haven't really been around ... can't think of any really good reason either.

Still last weekend I took an extra day and went again to The Eden Project (photos to follow) ... then on the Saturday I actually got some gardening done.  Not my favourite task but M&D need it to be done, so I got busy.  I also cut and permed mum's hair ... so that made her happier, as she hates it when her hair goes longer ... or straight.

The week has been busy at work - including having to evacuate half a ward for a suspected fire.  Smoke was smelt, so things move fast - the trouble with hospitals is that the walls are full of piped oxygen ... so could get bad, fast.

I managed to lose my house key, as well - locking myself out.  However T&C have a spare key and so were able to get me back in (good thing they weren't on holiday!) ... and it meant we all had time for a cuppa and a chat, so that was good as well.

The even better thing was that I (finally) managed to get my kitchen decorating finished ... so now I can get on with my spare room.

My tooth/hole is getting better.  Still a hole, but only the size it should have been on the day of extraction (3 weeks ago) ... and all the antibiotics are finished ... so hopefully that is the end of it!.

And, finally ... sorry laimelady ... I missed your birthday.  I hope that you had a great day and the coming year will be special.

Speaking of birthdays - it is cryssiemarsters birthday today, and although she is never here now I do want to wish her a great day - as she is the person who led me to LJ.  So thanks Cryssie.

Well that's me caught up - hope all is well with all of you.  Have a good weekend.

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