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London 2013 - Part 4 - Chelsea - The National Army Museum

Once I had wandered around the area I went into the National Army Museum.   In some ways it seemed quite small ... but I loved how it was laid out, and had lots of statues that told the story of the last few hundred years of warfare .... Here are a few of the best .....

A model of the memorial at Kohima and which is now quoted at all Rememberance Services.
 photo DSC_0098_zpsd8eae3da.jpg

Jungle warfare
 photo DSC_0095_zps9427b61e.jpg

 photo DSC_0093_zps8bf829f7.jpg

Capturing a French Eagle ... specially for the Sharpe fans
 photo DSC_0090_zps32b12a71.jpg

This is the actual skeleton of Napoleon's favourite horse, who was in his 30's when he died.
 photo DSC_0089_zpsbebac590.jpg

One of the wives carrying her wounded husband to safety
 photo DSC_0088_zps2855235b.jpg

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