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Just Catching Up

Yes - I know that I have a MEME to do from 

kazzy_cee , which I hope to do later - and a couple of other posts that I want to answer ... But just wanted a "quickie"!!

My new pc has arrived , and my first job was to get the desk-top done - THANK YOU(!) and then make sure all the files were transferred ... I can't find my "Favourites" file from my other pc ... so will have to go back and see where that is.

On a more annoying note is that the final wound on my hand is bleeding again.  I am now down to a smaller bandage - but still with padding.  i suppose it gives the ligaments around the joint longer to heal - but just so annoying.  however the rest of the hand is looking better.

Still haven't had time to chat to DJ - but he is doing well - I have spoken to both Toni and Ros regularily.  He has been put back in a field with Conrad (the youngster) because Conrad kept trying to remove his field-companions rug!  Secret is in his late 20's ... and Mummies baby!  If he were a cat he would be dead as he  has even worse luck than I do!  So - He and Conrad had to be parted!  So DJ, as he and Conrad had shared in the past, did the swap.

Well - I had better get on and get some tea.  I am going to orchestra rehearsal tonight - not to play but to check finance etc.  we have our concert on Saturday and as I won't be there someone has to deputise for me.

Hope to catch up with everyone else thoughts later.



Tags: computer, dj, injury, orchestra

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