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End O f An Era

Sorry I haven't been around much, but my tooth has caused me a lot of pain.  It slowly eased as the week progressed, but I felt slightly poorly, slightly "off" ... I put it down to all the pain killers I was swallowing.

However today I saw my dentist (well, not mine as she is off on maternity leave) and he said that the dentist that I saw on Sunday had the correct tooth, but the tooth itself was totally infected so it had to come out.  That took a bit of time as I have over-crowding and it was impacted ... but the tooth is out and I now have a very sore mouth again.  But the weird health feelings have gone.

As to my title ... I am 51 and that tooth had been in my mouth 46 - 47 years as it was a retained baby tooth.  So, sad to say Goodbye ... and I didn't even get it so I could put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy to collect.

My other "moan" is that in England children get dental treatment for free .... so shouldn't I have had that treatment done free!!


Anyway, if I have missed anything in the last few days let me know.

On a side note - 1 year ago today it was M&D's Diamond Anniversary - we had photos in the garden ... today it is 2'C and howling gales ... "What a difference a year makes"
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