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Guess Where I Shall Be On Saturday?


Yep, Barry contacted me yesterday to say his 1st clarinet has decided not to play on Saturday at the concert, so he is moving the second to first and wants me to come and sight-read the second part.

It will be great to be back, but I haven't practiced much (I did tell him that) so don't know how my mouth will cope ... or my breathing after the virus I had (which I did tell him)

However it will be great - I have missed orchestra terribly, and haven't found anything this way to get involved with.

Saturday will be busy though as my car is in for repair first thing in the morning ... then straight off to Bude.  Jiffy will be upset as no play time - so I will have to play extra hard when I get there Friday.

Then Sunday is Mothering Sunday, and Claire text me to say they will be coming for tea.  Nice to see them ... but a hectic weekend!

Hope you are all having a fun week.
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