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5 Question Meme

I went to my friend Pete's funeral today - it was "lovely" to see the Church full, and to meet up with friends form orchestra.  I left Bude 18months ago and will admit that it is one thing I still miss.  I haven't found anywhere still to play and just wish I was a bit nearer, or at least that petrol was free on Mondays, then I would go back.  Pete had died travelling in Peru, a place he loved, so the practical logistics were a nightmare, but for him his last few days were in doing the things he loved.

I am meant to be sorting out why dad's printer has stopped printing, but it is now telling me that he doesn't have a printer, so before throwing something at the computer I thought I would answer one of my set of 5 questions.  I challenged a couple of my closer friends to ask things they didn't know - and both managed to find 5 questions to ask.

jaded_jamie asked:-

1: Second favourite actor or singer do you admire most?

2: Is there a TV show you would wipe from history completely?

3: You could be ANY person alive today for a day, who?

4: Relating to question 3, why?

5: Why are you a Royalist?

1: Second favourite actor or singer do you admire most?

LOL - I wonder why he didn't ask me who my favourite actor and singer is!!!    I do have a second favourite ... until a certain vampire jumped out of the TV they were both my #1!

Second Favourite Actor
Cary Grant.  I love his amazing ability to just say so much with a look - he maintained his acrobatic abilities through many of his films, although I will admit his earlier films do have some great over-acting.

Second Favourite Singer
Frank Sinatra - I have posted music of his.  I love his relaxed ability to sing most genre of songs .... but his sad songs are always super-sad.  (A close third is Elvis Presley, btw)

2: Is there a TV show you would wipe from history completely?

I don't watch much TV at all so a pretty hard question for me to answer.

But although there are a lot of stuff I don't watch for personal reasons, one show that should have never been invented IMHO is Big Brother (and I'm a Celebrity) ... why do we want to see a set of people discussing nothing is beyond me (and as for the so-called celebs eating maggots ... sorry, but why?????????????)

3: You could be ANY person alive today for a day, who?

*g* - that could be interesting!!

But, seriously, the prime minister's private secretary (ona  busy day in a busy week!)

4: Relating to question 3, why?

I am not really deeply into politics (although I always vote) - but I would like to know how things come into law - and why decisions get made as they do ... and, who knows, maybe I could add some thoughts of my own!

5: Why are you a Royalist?

I love being English and being very "conservative" and traditional.

The pomp and ceremony that our Royalty brings is second to none. Our Queen is an amazing lady in her 80's who still works ... and before you point out she has servants, she still spends hours reading reports and talking to strangers.  I am so looking forward to attending a Church service that she will be at in a couple of weeks!

As a Royalist I know what so much of my heritage and history is about.

For countries with Presidents they have to vote for then they can vote them out again - but the underlying continuity is meiising.  Our Prime Ministers change, but our country has a solid basis at the core.

"God Save The Queen"

If anyone wants me to ask them 5 questions then all you have to do is ask.
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